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AANR NW Convention
Rags to Riches
July 21-23




Help us celebrate our

90th Nude year: 1933-2023

Come early and stay late!

Call 1-800-375-6803 EXT.2

to reserve your site. 


Details, Details, Details

happenin' things

Food Glorious Food

Wednesday Dinner: Pizza-On The House

Thursday 1930s Breakfast: Spam, eggs, fried mush, toast, coffee or tea $6

Thursday 1940s Lunch: Grilled Cheese & Bacon, bread & butter pickles, applesauce $7

Thursday 1950s Dinner:Tuna noodle casserole, Jell-O salad, Pineapple Upside Down Cake $10

Friday 1960s Breakfast: Eggo Waffles OR Egg McMuffin, fruit, coffee or tea $6

Friday 1970s Lunch: Hamburger Helper, corn on the cob $7

Friday 1980s Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie, Watergate salad, Assorted desserts $10

Saturday 1990s Breakfast: Cereal Extravaganza, Pop_Tarts, fruit $6

Saturday 2000s Lunch: Grilled Chicken Burrito Bowls $7

Saturday 2010s Dinner: Pulled Pork, Coleslaw, Assorted Pies & Ice Cream $15

Sunday 2020s Breakfast:Avocado on toast w/poached egg and fresh tomato slices, Greek yogurt, fruit $6

Sunday 2023 Lunch: Chicken Caesar Wraps $7

Sunday 1930s-2023 leftovers for dinner- On The House

Vegetarian & Gluten free options available

Friday Fun Poker Run

First ever Poker Run during a convention. $5 buy in and best hand wins half the pot. The other half goes to the AANR Education Foundation.

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