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Guidelines To Follow

1. General Conduct: Please conduct yourself in a manner that would be considered acceptable in most other public gatherings attended by persons of both sexes and all age groups.

2. Clothing: To be certain that guests are sincerely interested in nudism, we ask that you join us in experiencing the comfort and freedom nudity offers whenever weather and personal comfort permit. This is not a clothing optional club. Please be sure to bring a towel to sit on.

3. Noise: One of the charming features of SMR is the peace and quiet being away from the city affords. Please be considerate of those around you by not operating radios, tvs, etc., so that they can be heard beyond your personal area.

4. Children: Parents are responsible for the conduct, care, and safety of their children at all times. Please do not leave your young children unattended.

5. Photography: Use of cameras is severely restricted for obvious reasons.  Guests are not permitted to take pictures except under the supervision of a member and even this is restricted to images of the grounds, facilities, and yourselves. The written permission of parents is required for pictures of minor children, even their own. 

6. Smoking: Smoking is permitted in designated areas only and in your tent or RV. Please do not smoke elsewhere on the grounds or in any club buildings. Some  of our cabin owners are smokers and you may smoke on their decks while visiting. Marijuana smoking is allowed at the two
designated locations at the park or at your tent or RV. Ask the host about the locations upon arrival. 

7. Lake Opal: There is no lifeguard at the lake. SMR is not responsible for water safety. Swim at your own risk and please use the buddy system. Children are strictly prohibited from lake and dock area unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

8. Glass: Glass containers are not permitted on the grounds at any time for obvious reasons.

9: Waste: Guests may use the large, grey garbage can located on the side of the shop for garbage accumulated only during your stay.  Recycling bins are available in the same area so please recycle your trash as much as possible. 

10. Campfires: Campfires allowed on grounds currently. (3-15-24)

11: Liability: All first-time visitors must sign a waiver of liability available at the office.

12: Pets: Pets must be leashed or tethered if they are not confined inside the owner's RV or tent. It is also the owner's responsibility to clean up after their pets. Except for service animals, pets are not allowed in any club buildings, the showers, game courts, center sunning lawn, the pathway in front of the sunning lawn, hot tubs, dock side of lake, or around any food areas. Please, no barking dogs. Complaints should be taken directly - and diplomatically - to the pet owner first. If this does not resolve the situation, guests should alert the camp host. 

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