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It was 1933 when our founders wanted a place to be themselves and explore the freedom of nudism. So they got together and purchased some land up in the Cascades of Oregon with each owning a piece of the property, thus becoming the first - and now the oldest - nudist resort west of the Mississippi. They set up camp, and began enjoying their new found place. Soon after, others heard about this wonderful place and wanted to visit and share in the experience of nudism. They opened their doors and Squaw Mountain Ranch was born.

Logging skids - portable cabins - were brought in and are still here today owned by some of our members. Some of the cabins still retain the original wooden skids used to transport them through the forest. Later, a lodge was built to accommodate guests and a volleyball court was put in. They also installed the first flush toilets in a nudist resort which are still used today. Like any club, SMR has gone through many changes over the years, but it retains the same values our founders had when it all began. Today it continues to be a peaceful, relaxing family ranch with over 70 members. SMR is now visited by campers from all over the world wanting to relax with nature, experience nudism, and be part of the 85 years of history this resort has to offer. 

So come visit and see for'll be glad you did.

Circa 1940s

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