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93 Years of Experience!

We Are The Premier Nudist Organization!

AANR Membership Directly Supports Defending Your Rights



One of the main reasons for joining AANR is how much they advocate to protect our nudist rights at the local, state, and federal levels. AANR keeps us informed on what is going on in the nudist and naturist communities across the U.S. and Canada.  The Government Affairs Team (GAT) from each region diligently searches new legislation for any wording that would directly affect our rights to be nude.  It's truly the best insurance policy you can buy. 



Support to local clubs and members is just a phone call away.  Being a part of a larger nudist organization, members have more clout in ways that can affect our freedom. 


Each region of AANR sponsors fun and informative conventions which offer fun activities: music, dancing, tournaments, karaoke and so much more along with educational workshops, and chances to learn what clubs in the region are doing. 

International Skinny Dip Day is a traditional fun event.  2,505 women  stripped naked on a beach in the Republic of Ireland which holds the record for the largest group to skinny dip.  Wouldn't it be fun to break that record in the U.S.  The answer is YES!  


AANR volunteers are great stewards of the environment, helping clean up beaches, highways, state parks, and other public lands.  SMR cleans up Rooster Rock State Park twice yearly.  Check the clalendar for dates.  We also clean up a section of Highway 224 3-4 times a year as well.  



AANR affiliated clubs offer discounts at clubs just for being a member.  Day use fees are standard at nudist clubs, so if you visit often, belonging to AANR will pay for itself. 

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