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May 11, 2021, COVID-19 Policy &

May 13, 2021, CDC guidelines:

  • Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or physically distance in any setting, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance


1. For purposes of these rules, a “group” is defined as:

a. the members of SMR or

b. a party of five or fewer guests. 

2. The following facilities are closed to guests:

a. the pavilion kitchen, including the barbecues outside the back door

c. the laundry room

3. Hot tubs and shower house 

a. Hot tubs and shower house are open to members and guests.

b. Only one group at a time should use each hot tub and the shower house. 

4. The Lodge 

a. The lodge is closed to all members and guests except those guests staying in the lodge.

b. Guests should sanitize the bathrooms and surfaces in the kitchen and common areas after each use.


5. Rocky’s Place/The Annex

a. Rocky’s Place is open to members and guests so long as they can maintain 6' distance between different groups.

b. Members and guests are encouraged, but not required, to use face masks. A maximum of six persons are allowed inside.  

6. Nudestroms 

a. The maximum number of people allowed in the store at one time, not counting clerks, is four.

b. Clerks must wear face masks when customers are in the store.

c. The counter must be cleaned after each transaction, and a supply of hand sanitizer must be kept on the counter for use by customers and clerks.

d. Clothes that are tried on should be returned to the counter and set aside for 24 hours before being placed back on the rack. 

7. Pavilion 

a. The common area of the pavilion is open to members and guests who must maintain 6' distance between groups. 

8. Bathrooms 

a. Bathrooms near the children’s play area, in Rocky’s Place, and the outhouses are available for use by members and guests. Guests in RVs and trailers should use their own facilities as much as possible.

b. Bathrooms open to members and guests must be cleaned at least twice per day.

c. Bathrooms should be sanitized after each use. 

9. Lake Opal 

a. Members and guests using the dock should maintain 6' distance between groups.


10. Bocce ball court, horseshoe pits, miniature golf, disc golf. 

a. Maintain safe social distancing standards between groups.

11. Guests 

a. Tent camping, RVs, and trailers, are permitted on the grounds provided groups maintain 12' distance between sites/vehicles.

b. Guests must provide their own food, cooking supplies, and equipment.

c. Guests in RVs and trailers are encouraged to use their own bathrooms as much as possible.

d. Guests that are fully vaccinated may use their discretion when using masks. If you haven't been vaccinated, please use a mask in enclosed places. 


Masks are available in Nudestroms or from the camp host.

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